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Books for Sale at the Berkeley History Center: Price List

July 14, 2018 

All Hail Blue and Gold (Campanile CD)                                            10.00

An Atomic Love Story                                                                   25.00

August Vollmer: The Father of American Policing                            70.00

Bayonets and Bougainvilleas                                                           10.00

Berkeley and the New Deal                                                             22.00

Berkeley Bohemia                                                                         25.00

Berkeley Bohemia 1890-1925                                                           5.00

Berkeley Then, A Photo Diary of the Sixties Scene                            10.00

Berkeley Walks                                                                             20.00

Berkeley, A City in History                                                            20.00

Berkeley, Postcard scenes                                                               22.00

Berkeley: A Pioneering West Coast Ferryboat                                     5.00

Blue and Gold: Campus Scenes Painted by Pedro Lemos                    10.00

Building the Caldecott Tunnel                                                         22.00

Creating the Eastshore State Park                                                    20.00

Dance or Get Out                                                                          10.00

Dorothy Bryant: A Writer’s Life in Berkeley                                    16.00

East Bay Food Not Bombs                                                                5.00

Exactly Opposite the Golden Gate                                                   25.00

Fermenting Berkeley: A Spirited History                                            7.00

Fire in the Hills (Oakland Fire)                                                         5.00

From Ike to Mao                                                                           15.00

Gerald Gaxiola, Artist: The Berkeley Prints                                      10.00

Hank Abraham: A Family Oral History                                            16.00

Historical Gems of the San Francisco Bay Area                                 20.00

Ina Coolbrith                                                                                20.00

Jews of Oakland and Berkeley                                                         22.00

Lost Worlds of the S.F. Bay Area                                                    30.00

On Parker Street                                                                            15.00

People and Places, A Memoir                                                           6.00

Perfect Pitch                                                                                 10.00

Peter Selz: Sketches of a Life in Art                                                 15.00

Picturing Berkeley, A Postcard History (hardback)                            25.00

Quick Index to the Origin of Berkeley’s Names                                 10.00

Quirky Berkeley                                                                            15.00

San Francisco, Love, Peace and A Flower in Your Hair!                    10.00

Sara’s Song                                                                                  10.00

Secret Stairs East Bay                                                                    17.00

Sign My Name to Freedom                                                             20.00

Tales from the Elmwood                                                                10.00

Tempered by Fire                                                                          10.00

The Bamboo Garden                                                                      10.00

The Berkeley Fire (1923)                                                                 5.00

The Berkeley Legacy 1895-1995 (Japanese Americans)                       5.00

The Early Life of Frank Spenger Sr.                                                  6.00

The Fire Trail                                                                                20.00

The Golden Age of International House Berkeley                              16.00

The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty                                                       30.00

The Picture Man                                                                            22.00

Topaz Moon                                                                                 20.00

You’ve Got to Make It Happen: Anne Crowden’s Musical Legacy      16.00


The Society also has copies of the Berkeley High School yearbook, Olla Podrida, and of the several Berkeley Junior High Schools for sale. The list is HERE.


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