Date Tour Leader(s)

June 5, 2010 Bonus Tour: Historic Trees of Interest on the UC Campus Jim Horner
May 22, 2010 Stepping Out in Downtown Berkeley
May 8, 2010 The Japanese Community of south Berkeley Jill Shiraki
May 1, 2010 Secrets of North Cragmont Neighborhoods Buzz Cardoza
April 10, 2010 Claremont Heights and its Residents Dale Smith
March 27, 2010 The Finnish Community Harri Siitonen and Karl Saarni

December 12, 2009 Bonus Tour: A Bouquet of Boutique Hotels Various
November 14, 2009 Affordable Housing Dan Sawislak
October 31, 2009 Industrial West Berkeley Rick Auerbach/WEBIAC
October 17, 2009 The Obscure South Telegraph Steve Finacom
October 3, 2009 North Marin Buzz Cardoza
September 19, 2009 The New Deal in Berkeley Harvey Smith

June 13, 2009 Bonus Tour: The Greening of Downtown Dan Sawislak, Michael Anzalone
May 30, 2009 Berkeley Woods Paul Grunland
May 2, 2009 North Santa Fe Right-of-Way Bebo Turman
April 18, 2009 People's Park Dale Smith
April 11, 2009 Rose Walk John Underhill
March 28, 2009 The Elmwood and Madame Chiang Kai-shek Burl Willis

December 2, 2008 Bonus Tour; Berkeley High Various
November 22, 2008 Aquatic Park Mark Lilolios
November 8, 2008 Churches of Southside Susan Cerny
October 28, 2008 Claremont Paths Sandy Friedland
October 11, 2008 Berkeley/Kensington Boundary Paul Gruland
September 27, 2008 Nut Hill Rober Pennell

June 8, 2008 Bonus Tour: UC Berkeley's New Libraries Deborah Rudolph and Manuel Ervill
May 31, 2008 The McGee Tract Paul Grunland
May 17, 2008 Panoramic Hill Ron Sipherd
May 10, 2008 Northbrae Trolleys Phil Gale
April 26, 2008 The Elmwood: An Evolving Neighborhood Dale Smith
April 19, 2008 Berkeley and the Military Steve Finacom and John Aronovici

December 3, 2007 Bonus Tour: Hillside School Dale Smith, Kay Dolitt and Carolyn Adams
November 17, 2007 Downtown Parks: Real, Enivisoned and Vanished Steve Finacom
November 3, 2007 Lower Codornices Creek Susan Schwartz, Drew Goeting and Richar Register
October 6, 2007 The Maybeck Estates Paul Grunland and Bob Shaner
September 22, 2007 The California Historical Radio Society and KRE Steve Kushman, Scott Robinson and John Staples
September 8, 2007 Rocks, Parks and Neighborhoods of North Berkeley Susan Cerny

June 9, 2007 Bonus Tour: Buddhist Churches of Amreica Jodo Shinshu Center Sady Hayashida and Glenn Kameda
June 2, 2007 The Maybeck Estates Paul Grunland
May 12, 2007 Gilman and Frontage Road: Ursula Sherman House and the City of Berkeley Recycling Center Allan Stross and Patrick Keilch
April 7, 2007 UC Memorial Stadium, Sports Hall of Fame and the Live Oak Sit-in Bruce Gaoodell
March 24, 2007 The Rise and Fall of Telegraph Avenue Steve Finacom

December 2, 2006 Bonus Tour: Historical Claremont Hotel Hotel Staff
November 19, 2006 UC in 1931: An Era of Change Steve Finacom
November 10, 2006 75 Years of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab Terry Powell
October 21, 2006 The Peraltas of Codornices Creek Dale Smith and Carole Beenett-Simmons
October 7, 2006 The Rocks of Thousand Oaks Paul Grunland
September 23, 2006 Old and New North Shattuck Neighborhood Robert Johnson

June 10, 2006 Bonus Tour: New Berkeley City College Charles Wollenberg and Shirley
June 3, 2006 Lorin: Kindred Spirit or Conquest Dale Smith
May 20, 2006 The Sisterna Tract: A Small Chilean Ranch Transformation Stephanie Manning
May 6, 2006 Past and Promise along the Santa Fe Right-of-Way Susan Schwartz
April 22, 2006 Earthquake Relief Efforts on the UC Campus in 1906 Bruce Goodell
April 8, 2006 Downtown! Culture and Character Before World War II Steve Finacom

November 12, 2005 Bonus Tour: Ashby Arts District- New and Old Ashley Berkowitz, Patrick Dooley, Jules Kliot
October 30, 2005 South Berkeley Sidewalk Secrets Ken Duffy and Lincoln Cushing
October 23, 2005 Transformations Around the Old Santa Fe Station D. Finn, B. Richardson, P. Gale, M. Manning
October 15, 2005 History of Working Class West Berkeley Dale Smith
October 1, 2005 The Berkeley View Terrace Neighborhood Phila Rogers
September 17, 2005 Claremont-Elmwood Paths, Houses and History Ron Sipherd

June 4, 2005 Bonus Tour: The 'Square Block' in West Berkeley Allen Stross
May 21, 2005 Ashby Station- From Frog Pond to Flea Market Dale Smith
May 15, 2005 Around the World in 80 Minutes at the UC Botanical Gardens Paul Grunland and UC Gardens volunteer docent
April 30, 2005 Holy Hill, site of the Graduate Theological Union and the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library Allen Stross with Bonnie Hardwick, Library Director
April 16, 2005 The 'Glass Block Buildings' of West Berkeley Bruce Goodell
April 2, 2005 Charter Hill and the Centennial of the Big "C" Steve Finacom

October 23, 2004 Bonus Tour…The New and Old Berkeley High School Edward Noland, Jud Owens
October 16, 2004 Dharma Publishing and Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker Arnaud Maitland and staff, Jan Leigner
October 9, 2004 Downtown Berkeley as a Possible EcoCity Center Richard Register
October 2, 2004 Transformations on the Waterfront Susan Schwartz
September 25, 2004 Ghost Campus - UC Berkeley that once was Bruce Goodell
September 18, 2004 Rose Walk, Tamalpais Road and Codornices Park John Underhill

June 5, 2004 Bonus Tour: The City's Corporation Yards, Berkeley Lawn Bowling Club Patrick Keilch, Myra Baylor
May 22, 2004 Thousand Oaks: Natural Park to Residential Park 1909-1930 Susan Cerny
May 15, 2004 A Walk on Piedmont Way: Frederick Law Olmstead's Vision Paul Grunland
May 8, 2004 The Finnish Community in Berkeley Harry Siitonen
May 1, 2004 Walk Back Through Time: La Loma Park - Maybeck Country Robin Pennell
April 24, 2004 Aquatic Park: KRE Radio, The Cabin, The Tinkers Workshop Mark Liolios, Steve Kushman, Nick Bertoni

November 1, 2003 Bonus Tour: Changing Face of Downtown Berkeley Allen Stross and Panoramic Interests
November 1, 2003 The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum and the Bancroft Library Lauren Lassleben and Leslie Freund
October 18, 2003 Boundry Walk of the 1853 Alameda-Contra Costa Counties Paul Grunland
October 11, 2003 Gilman Street Industrial Area Brad Ghanbari, Nancy Jordan and Lisa Caronna
September 27, 2003 Women on UC Berkeley Campus Betty Marvin
September 20, 2003 80th Anniversary of the 1923 Berkeley Fire Phil Gale

June 14, 2003 McCreary-Greer House, Berkeley City Club and St Marks Church Paul Grunland and Company
June 7, 2003 The Refurbished City Hall Allen Stross and City Representative
May 17, 2003 The Westbrae Commons Karl Linn and John Dennis
May 10, 2003 Fourth Street Tour and Spenger's History Denny Abrams and Brad
May 3, 2003 Stage Craft Studios and the Bay Architects John Aronovici and James Novosel
April 26, 2003 Berkeley Verses: Exploring the Cal Campus and Its Poems Steve Finacom

November 23, 2002 The Space Sciences Lab Bonus Tour Stephen Geller
November 16, 2002 Berkeley's Beach and New Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Curt Manning and Lisa Caronna
November 2, 2002 International House Joseph Lurie
October 27, 2002 Commercial India on University Avenue Neelum and Kirpal Khanna
October 5, 2002 Arts Tour - San Pablo and Ashby Avenues Allen Stross
September 14, 2002 The McGee Tract Michael Edwards

June 15, 2002 Bonus Tour: Scharffen Berger Chocolate Makers Bonus Tour Allen Stross
June 8, 2002 Town and Gown Interstices Jim Sharp
May 25, 2002 Lower Codornices Creek Tour Richard Register, Tom and Jane Kelly
May 18, 2002 The Aurora Theatre and the Berkeley Jazz School Barara Oliver and Susan Muscarella
May 4, 2002 Berkeley's Last Land Acquisition, Part II Paul Grunland
April 27, 2002 The Newly Refurbished Berkeley Public Library Sayre van Young

October 20, 2001 The Berkeley Hills Fire of 1991 Patrick Keilch
October 13, 2001 Northbrae and the Trolleys Phil Gale
October 6, 2001 Berkeley's Last Land Acquisition - the Berkeley Woods Paul Grunland
September 29, 2001 The Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Trish Hawthorne
September 15, 2001 Art on the UC Campus Steve Finacom

June 23, 2001 Strawberry Creek - North Branch and West of Campus Sue Fernstrom
June 2, 2001 Canceled: Thousand Oaks School and Neighborhood Trish Hawthorne
May 19, 2001 School for the Deaf and Blind John Stansfield & Allen Stross
May 12, 2001 Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the Arts District Deborah Badhia
April 29, 2001 Berkeley Waterfront, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Susan Schwartz

Opportunities in the New Eastshore State Park

November 5, 2000 Downtown Berkeley Deborah Badhia
October 22, 2000 The University Avenue Indian Business Community Kirpal & Neelum Khanna
October 15, 2000 The 1923 North Berkeley Fire Phil Gale
September 30, 2000 South Berkeley Cultural Landscape William Coburn, AIA
September 16, 2000 Strawberry Creek on the UC Campus Bob Charbonneau

June 3, 2000 U.C. Berkeley Campus Bill Roberts
May 28, 2000 Captain Richard Park Thomas Centennial Walk Carl Wilson
May 20, 2000 Shasta & Tamalpais Roads Architecture & History Ken Cardwell & John Underhill
May 13, 2000 Stop the War! The Vietnam Era Ann Marks
April 29, 2000 The Summit Road - Selby Path Loop Paul Grunland

October 30, 1999 Boundary Walk Paul Grunland
October 16, 1999 Industrial West Berkeley Betty Marvin
October 2, 1999 Ocean View Stephanie Manning
September 18, 1999 Three Berkeley Architects Ken Cardwell

June 13, 1999 Community Art Gardens Special Tour Karl Linn
May 30, 1999 Stop the War! Ann Marks
May 23, 1999 Art on the UC Berkeley Campus Steve Finacom
May 16, 1999 Art in the Civic Center Allen Stross
May 2, 1999 Springtime on Nut Hill Carl Wilson

October 4, 1998 Aquatic Park Mark Liolios
September 27, 1998 Elmwood: Small Town in Berkeley Burl Willes
September 20, 1998 1923 Fire: the Western Edge Ken Cardwell
September 13, 1998 Nut Hill and the Fire of 1923 Carl Wilson

June 14, 1998 Berkeley Woods and Park Hills Paul Grunland
June 7, 1998 North U.C. Campus Steve Finacom
May 24, 1998 Elmwood: Small Town in Berkeley Burl Willis
May 10, 1998 Codornices Creek Ken Cardwell

November 16, 1997 The Houses of Frank Armstrong & Captain Marston Phil Gale
November 5, 1997 Paths of Northeast Berkeley Paul Grunland
October 19, 1997 What's Happening Downtown Dan Craig
October 5, 1997 North U.C. Campus Steve Finacom

June 29, 1997 Industrial Margins: Lower Gilman Street Area Ken Duffy & Ken Cardwell
June 22, 1997 Deaf and Blind Schools John Stansfield
June 1, 1997 Walking Workshop in Ocean View Jane Spangler
May 18, 1997 Nut Hill Carl Wilson

October 26, 1996 Berkeley Public Library: Behind the Scenes Sayre Van Young
October 12, 1996 U.C. Campus Steve Finacom
September 28, 1996 Craftsman North Berkeley Ken Cardwell
September 14, 1996 Victorian North Berkeley Phil Gale

June 29, 1996 Berkeley Civic Center Betty Marvin
June 22, 1996 Upper Codornices Creek Shelby Sampson
June 8, 1996 South Berkeley Cultural Landscape Bill Coburn
May 18, 1996 Ocean View: Victorian West Berkeley Curt & Stephanie Manning

October 28, 1995 Nut Hill Tour Carl Wilson
October 7, 1995 Berkeley In the Sixties with Country Joe McDonald Joe McDonald
September 30, 1995 Literary Berkeley Jim Cara
September 16, 1995 The 1923 North Berkeley Fire Phil Gale

June 10, 1995 South Campus Sidewalk Secrets Ken Duffy
June 3, 1995 Industry and Art In West Berkeley Carla Marwart, Ellen Drori, Betty Marvin +
May 13, 1995 The Haunts of the Golden Bear Bill Roberts
April 22, 1995 Walking Workshop in Ocean View Jane Spangler
April 8, 1995 Downtown Berkeley Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter