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Spring 2022 Walking Tours

Saturday, April 16: The Rise, Fall and Rise of West Berkeley. Led by Stephanie Manning

The walk will cover the early beginnings of Ocean View/West Berkeley from its natural history, Strawberry Creek, and the formation of the Bay 10,000 years ago, to the coming of native people 5,700 years ago, their habitation here for 45 centuries, and their shellmound. Most of the walk will be about the coming of Euro-Americans, the early industries (including Spenger’s Fish Market), alterations of the natural landscape, the necessity for housing workers, and the growth and transformation of the neighborhood through the decades.

Saturday, April 30: Cragmont. Led by John Newton

John Newton and Jeanine Castello-Lin will lead a walk through the North Cragmont neighborhood, focusing primarily on Storybook houses built by Jack Thornburg and some nearby houses designed by William Yelland. John Newton is a local designer and will give an outline of the main architectural aspects of Storybook houses, and Jeanine will recount some personal history shared by Buzz Cardoza, who grew up in the area.

Saturday, May 14: Nut Hill. Led by Lloyd Linford (Sign up here)

The neighborhood east of La Loma and North of La Vereda avenues was long ago nicknamed “Nut Hill.” After the death of the original “nut,” Captain Thomas, and the 1906 earthquake, Bernard and Annie Maybeck bought five large parcels and built three great homes and one small one. Only two of these survived the 1923 Berkeley Fire. On this tour we will view and discuss several significant homes in the neighborhood from the vantage point of the people who lived in them and became part of the legend of Nut Hill, including the Charles Seeger House, the Maybeck Studio, the Maybeck Cottage, the Temple of the Wings, and the Jaime de Angulo house. This walk with Nut Hill resident Lloyd Linford will focus on the colorful social history that unfolded inside some of Berkeley’s most interesting residential architecture.

Saturday, June 4: Berkeley Woods. Led by Robert Johnson (Sign up here)

This hilly walk in the northeast corner of Berkeley includes land formerly occupied by historic nurseries and features tall trees, views to the east and west, a variety of 20th-century architecture, the former homes of famous people, and a historic seminary that became a Muslim college. The streets generally do not have sidewalks but have scant traffic and go up and down along the ridge. The walk is a little over two miles with an elevation gain of close to 500 feet.

Saturday, June 11: Pearls on a Greenway. Led by John Steere (Sign up here)

This walk explores the history of West Berkeley and the Santa Fe right of way, along which we will experience the parks that have been created over the past 45 years since the city of Berkeley purchased it from the Santa Fe Railroad. It will initiate along the Ohlone Greenway where it crosses Codornices Creek. We will then walk south along the Westbrae portion of it and learn about the three community gardens, including the Peralta and Karl Linn gardens, created there in the 1990s. Then on to Cedar Rose Park, the West Street greenway portion, and Strawberry Creek Park, which has the nation’s first daylighted creek. It will cover the history preceding the parks, their unusual development, and the future new park in the gap between Strawberry Creek and the Spiral Gardens which constitutes the remaining Santa Fe right of way. This walk is one way, flat, and about a mile with numerous stops.

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BHS offers walking tours in the spring and fall. For year-round walks featuring local history, you might wish to check these sites:


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