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Spring 2016 Walking Tours

Saturday, March 12: Sites and Stories of Berkeley’s Art Museums. Led by Steven Finacom
The University of California Berkeley Art Museum reopened in January at its new site in Downtown Berkeley. It’s the second “Berkeley Art Museum” downtown; the first was in the 1920s. In conjunction with the BHS exhibit on early Berkeley art museums “real and imagined” this walk will visit, on and off campus, several intriguing buildings or sites of early public or private art exhibit facilities dating back to the 19th century.

Saturday, April 9: Our Ocean View Victorian Berkeley. Led by Stephanie Manning
The evolution of research is reflected in this walk. We will talk about such things as what scientists used to think about the West Berkeley Shellmound, what historians used to think about the natives who lived here, where white people settled in the mid-nineteenth century and the gradual formation of what we see there today, including the changing demographics and architecture.

Saturday, April 23: The Ashby-BART Neighborhood. Led by Janet Byron and Bob Johnson
The Ashby walk is in the area around the station of an early steam train line that ran from Oakland to Berkeley. There is a wealth of varied historic architecture as well as culture and history from the Buggy Bank to the Berkeley Bowl, the home of a famous writer, churches and Buddhist temples, a storybook funeral home and more. The 2.5-3 mile walk is fairly flat, mainly on sidewalks along tree-lined streets.

Saturday, May 7: Phoebe Hearst on Campus. Led by Bill Roberts
Phoebe Hearst (1842-1919) was “the best friend the University ever had.” On this
walk we will discover her many contributions, intellectual as well as physical, to
the Berkeley campus and beyond. There are some hills on the campus, but the walk is wheelchair accessible.

Saturday, May 14: Authors & Artists of the Ina Coolbrith Era. Led by Aleta George
Join Aleta George, author of a new biography of California’s first poet laureate Ina Coolbrith, for a loop walk on North Berkeley roads and pathways. On the walk Aleta will tell stories about Coolbrith and her colleagues Bret Harte, Charles Warren Stoddard, George Sterling, Joaquin Miller, and Charles Keeler.


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